Data Scientist, Petroleum Engineer

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Hi, I'm Eric Kim - Data Scientist, and Petroleum Engineer.

I'm currently working as a petroleum engineering analyst at Flogistix. I received my B.S. in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, the #1 petroleum engineering school in the US. My passion lies within the field of applied data science, and sharing my knowledge to the data science community.

The goal of this blog is to provide educational materials for those people who want to learn data science. Most articles in this blog comes with in-depth discussion about each technique used, its pros & cons, when to use, and when not to use. Most visualizations & techniques introduced in each article comes with reproducible code snippets. All Code snippets are written in Python, as the blog name "Pythonic" Excursions suggest.

If you have any questions regarding blog posts, please address them in a form of Disqus comment in each article, as it may help others with similar questions. I get Disqus notifications, and usually very responsive in answering questions. Please do not ask article-related questions through email. This includes questions with confidential company information. If you have other personal questions, you can reach me via